Jen Spafford

Human Resources Director

Jen Spafford has over eight years of excellence in human resources management with a strong education in business administration and proven success in improving employee satisfaction, morale, and loyalty as well as overall administration, coordination and evaluation of the human resource function as it aligns to the needs of the organization.

Jen grew up grew up in Portland, Oregon and graduated from David Douglas High School in 1992.  She later went on to get her undergraduate degree in English with a minor in writing from Portland State University.  After taking a break from her career to work as a stay-at-home mother to four awesome kids, she returned to Marylhurst University and earned her M.B.A. with a nonprofit focus and followed that up with the Senior Professional in Human Resources Management from the Human Resources Certification Institute and the Society for Human Resources Management Senior Certified Professional.  She has worked for First Unitarian Church of Portland, Campfire Columbia, Neighborhood House, and is very happy to come to work for Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Ministries.

Jen is passionate about participating in a flourishing work environment where everyone is treated with dignity and believes that being a great Human Resources Professional means more than facilitation of procedures and laws. It’s about understanding that people are not disposable, that high turnover is costly and that provided with support and development, employees can do their very best work. She considers it a pleasure to help provide that support at Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Ministries, and to assist in the facilitation of a working environment that nurtures the staff as well as the organization so each may be mutually beneficial to the other.

Jen has discovered that she thrives in learning situations, and is happiest when she is encouraged to grow, explore, and experiment. She is a fan of growth mindset and the idea that an employee may not know how to do something right now, but can learn how to do anything with the proper training and support. She believes that mistakes are opportunities for growth and does not support a style of fear-based management as growth cannot occur in an environment where people are afraid to take risks.

Jen hopes to be with Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Ministries for many years to come.  She believes that we have one of the most beautiful campuses an organization can offer to their employees and encourages you to contact her should you have any questions about working for us.


Contact Jen Spafford
Phone: 503-906-1140
Email: [email protected]